Our Story

It all started on

The Blue Line.

We absolutely love hearing the stories of how couples met. It never ceases to amaze me how connections are made. Here's ours:

We met in 2010 at the Corcoran College of Art in Washington DC. Our orientation group spent the day going around DC and touring the campus, at which point we already had our friend group established. After out first semester, Thorin decided he wanted to take up rock climbing and asked if I wanted to join him on Tuesdays when we didn't have class, so he didn't have to go to the gym alone. We started going regularly, and after a couple weeks spent on the Blue Line going to the gym I decided I needed to introduce Thorin to better music. I would bring my broken iPod with me and I'd give him one earbud and have him listen to my favorite songs... little did he know that my headphone jack was broken and no matter which headphones were being used, it only played music out of one ear. He would get the working ear while I sang and bopped along to empty sound from my earbud. I knew the songs, so I could follow along, but he didn't find out that I was listening to nothing until 2018. Anyways, we spend way too much time together and ended up falling in love pretty quickly. We became "official" in April of 2011 and have now been together for 10 years! To this day, he won't let me live it down that I lied to him about my headphones working to trick him into listening to my music.