It's the little moments that you don't notice... the way you laugh when you're telling a joke, the way you scrunch up your face when you're talking to your cat, the way your partner looks at you when you're talking about your passions. Those are the moments we want to capture.

We want you to feel safe with us, so henceforth and forever this is a judgement free zone. You are wholly allowed to relax and express yourself in our company; because we believe you should be celebrated for who you are.

With this in mind, we are 100% in support of marginalized communities and prioritize the safety and comfort of our clients above all else. We're here for you, not the other way around. In a world of unknowns, let's focus on love and acceptance. 

couple on the beach with a painted sky

Individuals & couples


package options


30 minutes

starting at $200

up to 25 images

*Can be booked same-day with enough notice.


60 minutes

starting at $300

40-80 images

*Refer a friend for $50 off and if they book you get $50 off your next session!




Full Gallery

2 Photographers

*Discounts available for recurring events



*must purchase a package


Rolling Shots - $25

35mm Film - $50 per roll

Polaroids - $30 per pack

Heavy Edits - please inquire