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Hey there! River here, I'm going to the the voice of this website because this business is my vision. Thorin is definitely a passenger on this journey, but he's okay with it because he gets to pick the music. 


We met at the Corcoran College of Art in 2010, both as photography majors (I was studying Fine Art Photography & Thorin was studying Photojournalism) and we've been together as a couple since 2011. We take matching outfits very seriously (see photo) and have this ongoing game where we figure out how we'd meet and fall in love in alternate timelines.

In this timeline, that thing that made us meet and fall in love was photography, and that's a big part of the joy that we find in working together. Photography, for me, has always been just another art medium. I believe that life is beautiful and deserves to be celebrated; and my favorite way to do that is to make art.

Whether you want a more intensive artistic experience, a session shot entirely on film, or just want some beautiful digital photographs that celebrate you, your love, or your passions, we're here to help bring your vision to life.

So, this is us.

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the deep dive


Capricorn Sun
Leo Moon

Pisces Rising


Enneagram Type 8/4


Aquarius Sun
Aries Moon

Leo Rising


Enneagram Type 9/3