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Photo by: Bug

Hello! We are River & Thorin, a married photographer duo in Humboldt County, California. River is the primary shooter and Thorin is the second shooter / second set of hands to make sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. When you book with us, you're getting more than just a photographer - you're getting an experience. We believe photography should be more than you posing awkwardly in front of a camera... we believe in intimate moments and telling unique stories. We strive to make every moment we capture as authentically "you" as possible. We want to make your photographs about you, not about us, so that when you look back on these moments it feels like nobody else was there.

Get to know us a little better.


We want to tell your story like a best friend,

not like a stranger with a camera.


Let's talk

Let's be honest, I know I'm not going to be everyone's cup of tea... but if you think we'd make a good fit I'd love to chat! Let me build you a playlist for your engagement session and we can dance and sing like we've known each other for years. I want you to feel comfortable with me, so that when you look back at your photos you remember how much fun you had and how happy you were. Let's connect on a deeper level. Tell me what makes your heart sing and I'll help you capture your authentic self in intimate images and moments that make you feel seen. I'm here for you, not for likes. That means I'm spending our time together trying to give you a great experience instead of trying to get the shot that will make me go viral. If you're still unsure and want to get a feel for me before you book, let's set up a virtual coffee date so you can ask me questions and I can hear your life stories.

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